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These days, most of the forums are full of news about the mental health crisis that is affecting students in almost all parts of the world. College students are mostly facing this problem because there are so many factors that cause them worries and stress which need to be dealt with most efficiently.

Experts of dissertation writing services are working hard to find out the reason being mental illness and problems among students and why they continue to rise and how schools, colleges, communities, and medical professionals can address them. It has been observed that entering college can trigger mental health disorders and these disorders set in the early twenties. Overwhelming workload, unfamiliar environment, and other stresses combined tighter can cause mental health crises if students do not get adequate support.

Possible Causes Of The Mental Health Crisis In Students:

There can be many reasons that are causing an increase in the mental health crises of students; some reasons are individual while others are caused by society and other factors.  Discussed here are some possible causes of the rising mental health crisis in students.

The Immense Pressure To Succeed:

These days students are under immense pressure to succeed; the parents have high hopes, the teachers expect a lot from them and the cutthroat competition demands that students work extremely hard so that they can enjoy the highest grades in class and succeed in getting their degree with distinction. The desire to succeed all the time and be a shining start can be very stressful and causes anxiety and depression in students when they are unable to achieve the desires results.

Some students end up overworking themselves and in doing so, they neglect their well-being and this has a very bad oval effect and they do not get anything except deteriorating mental and physical health if they are not careful. When they are pressurized to look for a future and decide on a career path, it can also be stressful and causes them a lot of problem in coping up with things.

Financial Concerns:

College and university education is getting expensive and students who are studying worry about paying their tuition fees. While there are some students whose parents can pay for their education, there is a large majority that is not so lucky and students are forced to take loans to pay for tuition, room and board, and other expenses. This is another concern for financial worries as students think about paying back their loans after graduation and what will happen if they fail to secure a high-paying job. The financial costs increase the pressure to succeed in a students’ chosen field. This leads to a mental health crisis in students as they feel unable to cope with the situation and do not know what to do to obtain success without landing in trouble.

Insecurity about The Future:

Insecurity about the future is a big worry that causes a lot of stress to students; firstly they are unable to pay for their tuition on their own and seek loans and secondly their uncertainty if they will be able to secure a good job to pay off all these loans is a big and serious matter. Even those who have money cannot guarantee what they want to do with their degree and if they will be able to find the desired job after graduating.

It is also hard for students to determine what career path they want to pursue; the broad nature of many degrees leaves open many possibilities but for some students, it also causes anxiety as they are unable to decide what to do. On the other hand, degrees that have limited prospects are also a cause for concern as students worry if they will be able to get a good job after passing out.

Too Much Use Of Technology And Social Media:

These days’ students spend too much time online and use social media excessively and it has some serious consequences. Social media exposes users to harassment and cyberbullying and sometimes even positive posts can damage students’ self-esteem when they are forced to compare themselves with others’ seemingly perfect lives. All this often becomes too much for students to handle and they develop complexes and other problems that harm their mental health when they do not know how to deal with their problems and improve their conditions.

Due to all these reasons, the mental health crisis is increasing in students which is indeed a cause for worry and must be dealt with utmost attention and care to avoid further problems.