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Apple has also launched its new model iPhone 11 Pro on September 20, 2019. The retail price of this amazing mobile phone is $999. Before its release, most of the people were expecting that its camera will be telephoto and wide but when it was released, they were amazed to see that Apple has used wide and ultra-wide lenses in the camera of this phone. This essential feature of the camera is allowing the users to crop and zoom the photos even after these photos are taken. There are some essential specs of iPhone 11 Pro that most of the people don’t know. These specs are given below by experts of dissertation writing services;

iPhone 11 Pro has Wi-Fi 6:

Like Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone 11 Pro is also supporting Wi-Fi of next-generation that is known as Wi-Fi 6. The most important benefit of Wi-Fi 6 is that it allows the users to talk with each other fast and efficiently. With the help of Wi-Fi 6, the transfer speed of the iPhone 11 Pro is also faster than other devices that are using Wi-Fi 5. It is also allowing your device to get access to routers and other access points at a time. As a result, sensors and wireless gadgets of your phone conserve the battery power of your device. In other words, we can say that this is an essential phone for internet users because it is providing fast access of internet to its users and it is also solving the battery consumption problem of its users.

It Has an Ultra Widened Chip:

Apple has also designed a new chip under the name of U1 for this mobile. This chip is providing spatial awareness to its users. It is expected that when iPhone users will use this model, they will never try to use its other models. With the help of this chip, AirDrop of this iPhone model is also improved. AirDrop is an essential service of iPhone that allows iPhone mobiles to share different files to nearby iPhone devices. This essential chip will also prioritize your files sharing process. In other words, by using this model of the iPhone, you can easily increase the speed of files transfer through AirDrop by prioritizing these files.

iPhone 11 Pro Ships with 18W USB-C Charges:

iPhone 11 Pro 2No doubt, charging has become the real problem for android mobile users. In order to solve this problem of android users, most of the android mobile companies are providing a feature of fastest mobile charging to their users. Now, the amazing thing is that this fastest mobile charging option will also be available for iPhone 11 Pro mobile users. In the previous iPhone models, Apple wound only 5-Watt charges and cables. Now, Apple is providing 18-Watt charger for its users. According to Apple, this charger has the ability to charge up to 50% of your mobile battery just within 30 minutes. In other words, the charging time of iPhone is reduced to half.

It is Heavier Than Other iPhone Models:

Most of iPhone users will not feel this essential spec of iPhone 11 Pro. Its reason is that iPhone 11 Pro is little heavier than iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. The CEO of PhD dissertation writing service firm said that if you compare different models of iPhone, you will easily get an idea that the weight of iPhone 11 Pro is 11 grams heavier than weights of other models of the iPhone. Anyhow, its weight is less than the weight of iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its reason is that iPhone 11 Pro Max is 18 grams heavier than the weight of other iPhone models.

Excellent Cameras:

It is a fact that the iPhone has a good name in the market when we talk about the results of its cameras. In iPhone 11 Pro, they are also using the best quality cameras. They are using three 12-Megapixel cameras. Along with these cameras, they are also using a telephoto lens. These telephoto lenses are allowing them to zoom photo up to 2x. There is also an ultra-wide-angle camera on this phone. With the help of this camera, it is also possible for us to take photos of 120-degree field of view. These essential features of iPhone 11 Pro allow the users to take some pretty dramatic shots. In most of android phone cameras, you will face lots of colour problems when you are taking pictures in zooming mode. If you will take photos with the help of iPhone 11 Pro, you will never face this kind of problem because its cameras do a fantastic job when you are pulling out colours and you are pulling great detail of pictures even in zooming mode.

Night Mode Works:

Family together playing in natureApple has also introduced a new mode of taking photos in iPhone 11 Pro with the help of AI. With the help of this mode, it is possible for us to bright our images that are taken in dimly lit places. For example, if you are going to eat lunch at a dark bar where you have to use a candle even to read the menu, this mobile phone is helpful to you. Its reason is that you can take clear views of that bar with the help of its amazing cameras.

Great Video Features:

Along with great camera features, this android phone has also mind-blowing video features. For this reason, A 13 Ionic chip is used in this phone. With the help of this chip, it is possible for us to shoot high-quality videos up to 4K which has 60 frames per second. In other words, the videos that you will shoot by using this camera will show you each and everything smoothly.

It Seems More Durable:

Apple has used glass at front and back of this phone. Therefore, to talk about its durability is a weird thing for us. The difference between glass of this phone and other models of iPhone is that Corning glass of this android phone is more durable than glass of other iPhone models. For this reason, Apple Company has also shown some drop tests of this phone. That’s why we can say that the durability of this iPhone model will be larger than the durability of other iPhone models.