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PhD Dissertation

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Characteristics of Language AnalysisThe process of understanding the concepts of a writer in a piece of writing is known as language analysis. While analyzing, we try to understand how a writer is convincing the readers by using his language techniques. In these language techniques, there come figures of speech of the writer, sentence structure of the piece of information, tone of the writer and word choice of the writer. Before analyzing the language of a piece of information, you will have to read it carefully. While reading it carefully, you should try to identify each element of writing. After that, you will be in the best position to write a language analysis assignment. Here, experts of PhD dissertation writing services will discuss the top five characteristics of good language analysis.

  • Language Is Arbitrary:

While writing a piece of information, we have to choose various words. The writers should understand that there should not be an inherent relationship between the words of the language and their meanings. For example, if you want to explain something about the female adult, you should not use the word of a woman. The choice of words or ideas should be arbitrary. Moreover, these words should also be chosen from a particular point of reference. The writers should also understand that language is not arbitrary. If language is arbitrary, there should be only one language in the world. That’s why the writers should carefully choose the ideas and words.

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  • Language Is Social:

A set of conventional communications that human beings use to communicate in society is known as language. It is the possession of the social group. The language also consists of the indispensable set of rules that permits the members of the people in the society. As a result, it will be helpful for them to relate to each other. It is also the best way to relate to each other. The language is also the best way to co-operating with each other. That’s why we can say that language is a social institution. Language is also the best way for the development and nourishment of the culture in society. The writers can also use it to establish human relations.

  • Language Is Systematic:

No doubt, to write anything by using a specific language, we have to use symbols. That’s why we can say that language is symbolic. Although the language is symbolic, we still need to arrange these words by following a specific order. The arrangement systems for the words are different for all the languages. We can also say that every language is the system of the systems. There are also phonological and grammatical systems of all the languages. Within these phonological and grammatical systems, there are several sub-systems. If we take the example of the grammatical system, we will find some sub-systems of morphological and syntactic in it. Within these sub-systems, there are also some systems. In these systems, there comes tenses, mood, singular and plural etc.

  • Language Is Conventional And Non-Instinctive:

If we analyze the history of a particular language, we will know that this language is not created just within a few days. It is the outcome of the evaluation and convection. Moreover, these outcomes of the language are transferred from one generation to another generation. The institutions of the human language also die, grow and expand over time. That’s why we can say that a language is conventional in a society. We can also say that language is also non-instinctive. Its reason is that it is acquired by human beings only. Most of the people think that they have got a specific language in their heritage. They should know that they can’t get a language in their heritage. Its reason is that they get this language because they have the innate ability to get this language.

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  • Language Is Symbolic:

As we have discussed earlier that to convey something in a specific language, we have to use some specific symbols. That’s why we can say that it is also symbolic. When we have to learn a language, we have to understand various sound symbols. Along with understanding various sound symbols, we should also try to understand the graph logical counterparts of these symbols. Most of the people have chosen these words arbitrarily. After that, these symbols are accepted and employed in the community. We can’t say that the words in a language are just signs or figures. We can also say that these are the symbols of meanings. If we want to convey something by using a specific language, we will have to use its symbols correctly.