Academic freedom is a legal and moral concept of different expression about the mission of the academy and the principles conducted by the academia. The scholars and research must have enough freedom to teach and communicate their facts and ideas about the specific text. It should be legalized and imprisonment-free. It should not be mixed with social and political issues of the countries. According to a dissertation writing service, in the UK, the academic freedom is an issue of contest that has certain limitations in the practice.

It is restricted to the teachers of the United States that they must not discuss the issues irrelevant to their subject and about controversial matters. But if they write or speak in public, they have the legal right to say whatever they want to say and can share their opinions and thought expressions without any limit or hesitation. They must not fear the institutional censorship and other restraints related to their institutes. In the UK teachers are only fired due to their behaviors and academic performances.

Academic Freedom at Risk:

We are living in the era of academic internationalism. It is specially instructed and pronounced in the United States of America. Academic freedom is quite a good thing if done in a written way. There are so many research institutes that make it common to collaborate with international researchers to establish a joint degree program. These collaborations help and benefit the level of research and boost the teaching processes. Most individual scholars travel around the world with their new ideas, arguments, and researches. If the physical and individual travels are stopped and interrupted, the academic communicates remotely connect and interact with each other.

But at the same time, academic freedom is at risk in the UK, based on the new context and engagements, collaborations, and exchanges with non-democratic countries of the world. Due to the bad effect of authoritarianism, many countries are facing global academic growing challenges. People are restricted to travel and researcher’s works are censored. In this article, we are going to discuss how academic freedom is at risk in the UK. And what are the reasons for this risk within and outside of the borders affecting academic freedom? Few ways explain how academic freedom is at risk in the UK.

  • Academic freedom is at risk due to international partnerships with educational researchers. For instance, the academic overseas campuses of the UK are working in other countries like China, UAE, etc. these campuses are frequently providing censored and critical thinking that is not good for UK’s academic freedom. Most of the cases of different international centers are being censored, imprisoned, and harassed due to the partnership with the UK. So this is one of the main causes of having academic freedom at risk in the United States.
  • Academic freedom is also at risk abroad in their fieldwork. Most of the well-known writers, research, and demonstrators are the real risk for UK’s academic researches. Some of the researches show that research of other counties conduct wrong fieldworks and figure their point of views in those researches. They self-censor their fieldwork findings and dismiss the real figures and results of the main areas of the discipline. This is yet another very shocking and unethical act, and risk to academic freedom.
  • The academic freedom of the UK is at risk for students and emigrant faculty members as well. Some of the researches show that students of different countries like China, KSA, Kazakhstan, etc. Says that their researches and works are at risk. Their researches are being constrained because they are not the habitants of the UK and their works are threaten by retribution. The fear of harassment of academic students is increasing day by day. The students are under pressure of academic freedom at risk in the UK.
  • The academic freedom of the UK is at risk because of some social and political issues as well. It can be due to donations and funding from overseas countries. As we know that there is a complete lack in the amount of transparency in the United States. Some of due to the false allegations and scandals that are erupted from informational freedom requests. For Example, the other countries say that they have sent quite a large amount of funds to the different universities of London, but there are no such proves about these funds. So these are wrong integration and are scandals to threaten academic freedom in the UK.