A PhD degree is the highest degree that is awarded by the universities to their students. PhD degrees are awarded to the students in the whole breadth of academic fields. There are lots of benefits of getting PhD degrees for the students like students to become their own bosses, they find an opportunity to boost up their interests, they are able to boost up their CVs, they get an opportunity to call doctors to themselves and they also find travelling opportunities. There are also some harsh truths about pursuing a PhD degree. Here, we will discuss four harsh truths about pursuing a PhD degree along with their solutions;


As we know that when we are trying to get O-level, A-level, graduate-level or undergraduate degrees, we have to study with our fellows. It means that we are not alone because some other students are also studying along with us. On the other hand, when a student is going to get a PhD degree, he has to work isolate. Therefore, we can say that isolation is the most common problem that students have to face while doing a PhD degree. In other words, we can say that students have to work alone on their projects. This isolation of the students can lead to lack of motivation and understanding for the students. If you want to get rid of isolation while doing a PhD degree, you should try to contact with other PhD students. They can contact with PhD students in various ways like they can join journal clubs, conferences and networking. By contacting with other PhD students, you can spend some time in discussion and you will get rid of the isolation.


No doubt, to do a PhD degree is a really stressful task for the students. Its reason is that while doing a PhD degree, students have to manage lots of things like they have to meet deadlines, they have to complete large scale projects and they have to manage a huge amount of personal investments. As a PhD student, you will feel that everyone is trying to lie on you and you are riding alone. In other words, we can say that PhD students have a high level of mental disorders. Therefore, if PhD students want to get a PhD degree within time, they have to work on this stress and they try to find healthy ways to decompress this stress. The best way to get rid of stress while doing a PhD degree is to contact with Ph.D dissertation writing services. These dissertation writing services have expert PhD writers and they can provide the best suggestions to complete your PhD degree before the deadline. Moreover, their expert writers are also available for PhD students to provide the best solutions to their PhD dissertation writing problems before the deadline.

Funding issues

To do a PhD degree, there requires a huge amount of investment. Most of the PhD students are looking for external funding in order to complete their PhD degrees. This funding is creating lots of insecurities for the students. For example, if students are not able to get funds from the funding body during the mid of the PhD program, they are not able either to continue it or to leave it. Under such a situation, it is also hard for students to find a new funding body. Therefore, if students want to get rid of this kind of problem, they should try to contact their supervisors. Its reason is that their supervisors are the experienced persons and they can easily provide you with the best solutions to your problems.

Time management

While doing your PhD degree, you will have to do lots of work within less amount of time. Therefore, time management is also a real matter of concern for PhD students. The best way to find out the solution to this problem is to prepare an effective timetable for your academic tasks. This timetable will allow completing your tasks within the given interval of time. Moreover, you will also find a roadmap to complete your PhD degree within the given time. For example, if you are asked to write a PhD dissertation, you should try to immediately start the PhD dissertation writing task without any kind of delay. Its reason is that if you delay the PhD dissertation writing task, you will have to face lots of problems to complete it before the deadline because a dissertation writing task requires lots of hours to complete it before the deadline.