The Right Way To Quote a Suggested Source In An Essay

The quotation is a set of words that are taken from a text and used in the same way by another author rather than the original author. To integrate these quotations in a text is necessary for us because it is useful for us to guide our readers through text. There involve two elements when you are going to integrate a quotation in your text. The first element is to provide a signal from where a quotation is coming. The second element is ascertained of these quotations in your text. If you are not able to quote a suggested source in an essay, then you can get help from the essay writing services. The right way to quote a suggested source in an essay is explained below;

1)    Formatting quotations

As we know that there are a lot of types of quotations that can be added to an essay. The first form of the quotation is short direct prose. You can incorporate short direct prose in your essay by enclosing them into the double quotation marks. The second form of quotations is known as longer prose quotations. You can use longer prose quotations in your essay with the help of indenting without quotation marks. The third form of quotations is known as a quotation of up to three lines of poetry. These types of quotations are used with the help of inverted commas and these lines are separated with the help of slashes. The fourth form of the quotations is known as quotations of more than three lines of poetry. These quotations should be indented without using the quotation marks.

2)    Punctuating with quotation marks

After clearly understanding the best format of quotations, the next step is to understand the punctuation of these quotations. First of all, there come parenthetical citations. If you are using short quotations in your text, then you should try to place the citations outside of the inverted commas. On the other hand, if you are using block quotations, then you should try to get an idea about the guidelines of the documentation system. In the second, there comes commas and periods. You should try to use inside closing commas in order to quote the different resources in your essay. Thirdly, there comes semicolons and colons. These semicolons and colons should be placed with the help of closing quotations marks. At last, there comes the situation of quotation within a quotation. If you are going to use the embedded quotations, then you should try to use only single quotation marks.

3)    Indicating changes in quotations

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you are going to use a particular portion of a quotation or you want to do some changing in a quotation, then you should try to follow two important things. First of all, if you want to indicate an omission within a quote, then you should try to use the ellipsis points. In the second, if you want to add clarification, comment or correction of a quotation in your essay, then you should try to use the square brackets.