How Important It Is To Write an Essay without Grammar and Punctuation Errors

You are the student of High School, College or even of the university you must have been assigned and most probably would be assigned more essays. A high school, college and most importantly a university student are always expected to be good with a high degree of ability to write an error-free document in the language of his education. Most of the students who are studying in international institutions are learning subjects in the English language as it is an international language so your teacher expect from you to be really good in writing and understanding this language. So how is this possible that he/she is going to accept or passing an essay with basic grammar and punctuation mistakes, this is the reason why you should always consider the importance of grammar and punctuation in your writing to get succeed or your desired marks against your efforts.

Today we are not going to talk about what mistakes you should avoid but the reason why you should avoid any kind of grammar and punctuation mistakes in an essay. Understanding the importance of these two basics of English language will help you to avoid any mistake and error in your future writings. Most of the time, you have been reading or hearing that grammar and punctuation mistakes are almost times in the content of a student who has English as his second language, but this is not always true. No a grammar and punctuation mistake can in a content of student who has English as his first language but most probably mistakes are not meant to be lack of language of knowledge but excessive use of informal writing and speaking language patterns. So all those students who are required to write their essays in English need to know that an error of grammar or punctuation can lead to;


  • Changing the meaning of whole sentence or even the scenario that you are describing or discussing in content of essay
  • Reader would interpret a different meaning of your arguments and pieces of evidence so he/she might not find the relationship between them
  • Your best idea can turn into worst just because of a simple grammar or punctuation mistake like ‘Let’s Learn Students’ that is actually ‘Let’s learn, Students’.
  • A grammar mistake can change the whole scenario like miss use of verbs and helping verbs i.e. was instead of is or was instead of were.

These are some key reasons why you should always keep in your mind that grammar and punctuation have same importance in your essay as you focus on argument and development and searching supporting evidence. In regards to learning how to deal with the common issues, here you must keep it in your mind that it is not always true that you have the same issue of language that many other have to learn what are yours. For this purpose you need to ask these questions of yourself;

  • What mistakes you previously have done?
  • Are you able to find that mistakes that grammar checker software did?
  • How can I improve my grammar and punctuation in skills that enable me writing a language error-free essay?