What is K-12 Education? Information That You Did Not Know Before

K-12 is a term that is commonly used to refer to education and educational technology in various parts of the world including United States, Canada and many others. It is a short form for the school grades that are publically supported before college. These grades are the 1st through the 12th grade while k stands for kindergarten.

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Spoken as K twelve,” “k through twelve” or “k to twelve, this type of educational system comprises the sum of primary as well as secondary education in many countries of the world that include United States, Canada, South Korea, Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt, Australia and even Afghanistan and Iran. This type of educational system supports the public education and dissertation writing services grades that come before the college.  with k12, the basic mode of education starts with children that helps them get ready for the next stage till they reach college and are ready to do something on their own and make their own choices regarding their careers.

The K numbers refer to the years of educational attainment that students have achieved and continues to progress upward accordingly depending on the degree that they want to get. It is necessary to understand that education is a very important part of our lives and it not only helps to fulfill our social obligation but also helps us transfer the wealth of human knowledge to all our children and take the society to a better level.

The main purpose of establishing this k12 system in society is to give a chance to every child to his/her talent, and bring each one of them into full membership in our economic, cultural, and social national community.  Children are given a chance to learn music, the arts, sports, physical and mental play, communication as well as expression and with this schooling system, the children are prepared to become active contributors to the culture and full participants in democratic institutions.

There are many people who fail to understand the significance of this k12 education and they do not agree with many of the things that are included in this curriculum. they need to know that they main purpose of this form of education is to train the children initially and make sure that they become independent enough to take their own decisions in education and become better members of the society.

This article is a guide for parents as well as the masses who want to learn more about the k12 system to know how it is helping children grow. Here are some important pieces of information that you did not know before and how it can help our new generation progress and move forward by becoming important members of society.

The goal of this type of educational system is to create a common space where children of all races, colors, creeds and income levels come together to learn and understand each other. The goal here is to make sure that the children are not only educated but also they build a society that is more tolerant and respects others when these children belonging to various sects of society spend quality time with each other.

What many parents or critics of the k12 education system do not know is that the students are given the power to handle the world they encounter with their intelligent and power of analysis. The students are taught to ask their own questions, and use the tools of science to investigate the world so that they are fully capable to handle anything that comes their way. With the training in science, language arts, social studies, art and math, students are taught to interrogate and change and understand their present and change their future. With help of various languages, students are given a chance to understand the writings of others and at the same time, express their own ideas in powerful ways.

The world is changing very rapidly and it is only with the right education system that students can be taught what choice they should make. They are provided the most versatile set of tools that help them think for themselves and finalize things critically to make the right decisions. The students are trained in this education system not only to react and cope but also to guide and transform so that they are active players of the society when they are ready to take the matters in their own hands.


The K12 education system has been designed to helps students the best possible way by nurturing their thought process and giving them a chance to engage in the community and the world where they live.